There Is No Need of Medium For Message Transmission

There Is No Need of Medium For Message Transmission

I don’t know whether it is correct or not, but I believe there is no need of any medium for the transmission of message from one person to another. Just speak up to this nature whatever message you want to get transmitted to another person anywhere in this universe. Many of the greatest scientists have said that there is no loss of energy, energy is only changed from one state to another. That means the sound energy produced by you to transmit message is not lost in this environment, there is only change in its form.

I believe once we speak up something by producing sound to this environment, there is vibration created. May be the vibration cannot reach up to the destination where your friend, to whom you are transmitting message to, reside. But the energy you released is preserved in the environment. That means if your friend wants to get the message he/she can get it from the environment by again turning back those energy into its vibration form. This is how I believe we can talk to another person without any medium.

Many people think that one person can communicate with another with the relation of one’s heart to another. I think this is the technique how that is achieved. The things that my heart is feeling now may transmit to another person whom I am thinking about if the reception power of your friend is strong. It is because of the factors explained above. I don’t know whether this is possible or not but I think it will be possible one day with our modern technologies. I am using this technique as I know whether the person hears me or not but the message I want to transmit is preserved in this universe, and I am happy that I messaged the person without using any medium. I keep on sending messages to the people I care in this way.

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