My Voice Against Castes And Religions

My Voice Against Castes And Religions

Wow, what a beautiful day. The world is moving on rapidly with these modern technologies. Everyone seems busy these days. Why are they busy a lot? Despite of having such updated technologies, why do people seem busy every day? These questions strike a lot in my mind. But more than these questions, one question always comes in my mind every day, every hour, every second of my life and that is “Why there are still discriminations in between people based on their castes and religions?” I know people’s mind are broadened with modern technology but still their minds are narrow when it comes about Caste and Religion. Why still they discriminate people based on each other caste or religion they belong to.

I was deep in search of it but I came to know there was nothing like this during the ages of gods. I went through “GITA”, holy book of Hindu; I even went through some parts of Bible (holy book of Christian) and Quran (holy book of Muslims) to find my answer. But none of these books could give me the answer to the question I was searching for. None of the book mentioned about the discriminations that should be done in between people based on the caste and religion they belong to. They never mentioned people should be treated on the basis of their caste or religion.

After going through all these things I knew, all the things being done these days are not the outcome of some historic story; it is all done by the people who made such rules and regulations. I realized it was all done by the people to maintain their designations or power over other people. I knew it is not something God made; it was all done by the people belonging to this earth. They started such system where some people are dominated by other people.

Everyone knows the higher authority of these caste and religions is a God. Everyone who believes in caste and religion also believes in God. But whenever I visited Temple or Church I never heard God saying, “Hey buddy you belong to some other religion but why you came here to worship me? I am not your god; I am the god of another religion.” If he is the one who separated people to certain categories based on caste and religion then he should also have said those things while different religion people visit other religions temple. He should have been angry when someone who doesn’t belongs to his religion or caste, visits him.

Slowly, I came to know there is presence of only one power; supernatural power of god which are being separated by the people. They even divided the only one existing god into different groups. Every religion says that, “God is a supernatural power, who always helps the one in need; he is a positive power, who always supports goodness.” But how it is possible for such positive power which is always in support of goodness can discriminate the rights of people. How can he say you belongs to this religion so you have this much rights.

Every religion and caste system also says that, “God is present everywhere, he is within every one of us, he is within every living beings.” People know these things but still they treat different people from different religions differently which directly shows they are discriminating one single god into different groups. They are discriminating god not the people. Every people have their soul, every living being has their soul and I believe that soul is the god within us.

Now it is all up to us whether to believe the god inside us or the religions and caste system that people created. If we believe in the god living inside the people, then we should also know that every people have heart, they have brains, and they have everything similar to each other, then why should we discriminate each other based on the system of religion and caste. If we cut someone’s skin blood will come out of it and everyone has got same coloured blood which is red. First of all see god in yourself, then you will realize the hidden power within you.

There is only one power and that is you, your soul. So, stop discriminating people based on their religion and caste. Everyone has got equal rights, everyone is equal then why shall we discriminate people. There is only one supernatural source which cannot be split into different groups of religion and caste. I know even god wants to come and reveal these things to all the people present here but he is confused. He is confused about, in which appearance he should come and tell these things to all the people present here. He thinks, “If I go in a form of god that Hindu believes then other religion people will not believe what I say. Similarly if I go in the form of god that Christian believes then other religion people will not believe me.” So, even he is confused to clarify these concepts with the people present here in this earth.

Despite of knowing these things, many people still take many crucial decisions based on their caste and religion. They know everyone of us feel the same way no matter which caste or religion we belongs to but don’t try to understand it. They don’t try to understand the feelings that people have inside them and take many important decisions of life based on discriminations between people which were created by the people themselves. If god is only one and is present within every one of us then why should he be discriminated? Why can’t two different people from different caste or religion be provided with equal rights?

I hope to see the day when there will be only one caste that is “soul” and only one religion which will again be called “soul” and everyone will believe in only one power that is the power hidden inside them which we currently believe as “god”. I have always been against caste and religion since my childhood. I know people won’t believe the things that I am saying and even stand against me for writing these words against the current system of caste and religion. But I am not afraid to go through these things because I know god is here with me, he is inside me. I realized this when he tried to convince me these things through my dreams and even through reality, when he made me realize his presence here with me. Hope the day will come when every people will believe in only one power, where every people belong to same religion and when every people will have same caste.

Thank You!

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