Life Lessons Learnt

Life Lessons Learnt

Every moment of life is wonderful. It teaches us how to love, smile, cry, feel, trust, believe, hurt, etc. In every step of movement in our life we learn something new, something wonderful, and something we have never thought of. Some people learn these things early and some take time to do so, but once learnt people changes drastically. You just need to take time to know what you need and what you don’t. Take your time to love, forgive, laugh cry, and learn. Life is shorter than it seems to.

In this article I am here to express something that everyone needs to learn in their life before it’s too late. The first thing we need to believe is; current moment is your life. The time you are spending now is not in between your birth and your death. It’s the time between now and your next breath. Your present time is your life. You just need to go through different conditions, there are no other way. Similarly don’t forget that life isn’t very long, it’s limited to short period of time. In every moment of your life, you have to fight to go through the obstacles, believe it and be strong enough to move on. The most important lesson you need to learn from your life is the sacrifices we make today will pay us in the future. Nothing is ever lost; the way you behave with others is what you get back from them.

People in this earth are always afraid of trying something new. They are afraid of failure and get afraid of trying it, but failures are the lessons learnt. You can never ever learn something in your life if you are afraid of trying something new. You need to lose, you need to dare, and you need to try something new so that you can learn something new in your life. It’s your relation with you, which can make you feel better. Believe that you are the best friend of yourself. You need to believe yourself first without considering anyone because the sound from your heart is always the perfect choice. You need to have a healthy relationship with yourself before having it with anyone else. So that you can be confident enough to face anyone’s eyes standing in front of you. Your action is your truth; can make you determine people’s behaviour. In your life you may not always meet with good people, in such condition you can determine him/her by their action. And the stronger point is, a world can be changed into a heaven with your small acts of kindness. Always smile at people whoever you meet. It makes them feel better. Even if anyone is angry with you, it brings a feel of joy in their body.

Behind every person’s beautiful life there is some sort of pain, but that pain is also his strength to fight with any problem which he faces to reach his dream. Person, who is hurt, is why still alive is the great question that might bang on people’s head. He is alive because he still wants to breath, think, enjoy, chase the things he wants and to challenges new opportunity he will face in his life. There is just a need of time and experiences to heal one’s pain. Life can change everything, it can fix everything. It can make one person the best person in this whole world. You can feel better yourself if you believe in yourself and move on in your life without considering whatever problem arises.

Finally, the main point everyone should implement in their life is to leave the path of expectation. We make a great mistake in life by expecting something which we might not get, is also the major problem of our pain, our depression, our own soul’s degradation. “Just enjoy don’t expect”, is the motto everyone should follow to make their life happy and get their dream come true. Don’t think of future, don’t think of past, live present; it will always lead you the correct way in your life. This is the main point everyone should learn in their life as soon as possible to go through any trouble and be the happiest person. Keep smiling, keep moving, one day you will reach your destiny where you can openly relax and take a deep breathe of happiness. Believe me or not, it’s all up to you… 🙂

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